BaubleBar Ventures in Home Decor in Partnership with Gal meets Glam

BaubleBar Ventures in Home Decor in Partnership with Gal meets Glam

BaubleBar is loved by many, especially women owing to their undying love and interest in anything remotely close to baubles and jewels. BaubleBar is back with a bang, and theres a lovely twist in the plot, read:Home Collection. BaubleBar is all set to launch its very first home collection today in partnership with blogger Julie Engel of Gal meets Glam and its called BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam collection, which is definitely not the most creative name. Anyway whats more important is what this partnership brings us? Its a collection that not only includes jewellery but also a small line of lifestyle and entertaining pieces. BaubleBar and Engel’s home decor collab includes striped jewelry boxes and travel jewelry cases, agate bookends, mini planters, votive candle holders, rabbit ear picture frames, and tassel wine charms.

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Dont worry about going bankrupt, even if you do feel like buying all of the alluring pieces you wont be set back by a huge fortune. The prices make sense and the products look amazing for the price. The collection ranges from $15 to $85 for home decor pieces; and BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam jewelry is priced from $34 to $68. Fair pricing, beautiful stuff= happy customers. Remember, the stuff is sold exclusively at
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