Cat Cocoon Beds, Your Pets’ New Snooze Haven

Cat Cocoon Beds, Your Pets’ New Snooze Haven

If you love someone set them free, in case of animals, pets and kids, if you love them, let them do what they like. Cats love to laze around all day, I wonder if they know anything other than just lazing around and staring into space and of course yawning momentarily. So while you let your cats be the way they’d like to why not give them a bed that makes them look good while being themselves. Feline furniture brand Meyou is coming up with a line of designer beds called, Cat Cocoons, especially for your furry, fat cats. The collection includes three designs called The Ball, The Cube and The Bed. The names are self-explanatory but I would still brief you on the wonders of these wonderfully simple pet beds.
Cat Cocoon 2
The ball is a globe-shaped cocoon constructed from cotton and has an opening that allows your pet to climb in and out with ease. The ball stands on angled wooden legs. The Cube is also a cocooned cat bed but it is encased in a metal box and the Bed offers cats a vantage point from an enclosed wool-felt hood placed on top of a four-legged solid wood table.
Cat Cocoon 3

Cat Cocoon 4

Cat Cocoon 5

Cat Cocoon 6

[ Via : Dezeen ]