Hold High That Sleepy Head with Chin Rest Arm

Hold High That Sleepy Head with Chin Rest Arm

I really have no idea why Thanko has invented the Chin Rest Arm; having said that I must admit that’s my take for more than half the things coming out of the Thanko stable. I’m wondering what is it that you can’t do with your own two hands that there would be a need for this Chin Rest Arm. Let’s see, what if I wanna finish my blog but I can’t, just can’t take a second off to rest so the arm will help. Or maybe if you wanna pray without falling on your desk the arm will keep you in place. Now that I am coming up with bizarre situations this does seem useful. This multipurpose, posable, movable, plastic hand will help keep your head up when you’re really sleepy and wanna fool your boss. He can look at you sitting erect but can’t see your shut eyes. Way to go! Hi-five to the artificial hand!
You can also use it in place of a neck pillow as its soft, cushioned exterior makes it comfy. It’s like a body pillow…for your face! This festive season get one for all the siesta lovers in your office. Sells $40 a pop.




[ Available at : Thanko Via : Rocketnews24 ]