Cinderella Crystal Collection will enthral Disney Fans

Cinderella Crystal Collection will enthral Disney Fans

Disney has given girls a lot of princesses to love and look up to. However, Cinderella remains the most iconic of them all. She is in fact synonymous with the word princess, say the word and you instantly imagine Cinderella. It does make sense then. If Swarovski wants to charm the world with its Cinderella inspired crystal collection. The collection includes fashion jewellery, accessories and figurines which pay tribute to Disney’s most iconic Princess. The jewellery is dainty and dazzling inspired by nature and wonderfully crafted as flowers and butterflies in delicate crystal shades ranging from Vintage Rose to Amethyst. The range includes crystal pave and stackable pieces which are perfect for every day. The best part of this collection however remains Cinderella’s iconic slipper, and not just one, but two glittering versions.
The two versions feature, a collector’s limited edition individually numbered 1/400, and a smaller version of the slipper – both fully faceted and featuring a graceful silver butterfly accent. If you have always wanted to be a part of a real-life fairytale, this is your chance, it won’t get any more magical than this.







[ Via : Luxury-Insider ]