Cypress Umbrella Impresses with its Superlative Suspension System

Cypress Umbrella Impresses with its Superlative Suspension System

Why would anyone talk about umbrellas when there are so many other things to talk about right? Wrong, the Cypress Umbrella is one hell of an umbrella that can protect you from strong winds and actually become a topic of conversation among your friends as you describe it as your knight in shining armour. What looks like an ordinary umbrella is actually a super-umbrella of sorts, more like the Peter Parker of the umbrella world with indomitable strength inside and plain looks outside. Cypress Umbrella introduces independent suspension system to make it extremely wind resistant while keeping its weight comparable to other existing umbrellas on the market. The interchangeable canvas is a great feature to extend the service life of this umbrella.

The rib-like structure defends the natures elements and forces, owing to its design that pivots individually and automatically adjust itself against chaotic winds, just like automotive suspension system. Cypress Umbrella is also equipped with built-in enclosure, making it easy to store without getting your stuff wet. Sounds like a cool thing to own and rely on especially since its not heavy, nor is it too big or small. With Cypress Umbrella they’ve got it all right.




[ Via : Tuvie ]