Yves Béhar’s Edge Watch Tells time in an Elegant Manner

Yves Béhar’s Edge Watch Tells time in an Elegant Manner

What time is it? Its time to buy a new watch, and not just any watch, something special and spectacular that we are about to tell you about. Swiss watch brand Movado has collaborated with industrial designer and Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar to reinterpret their classic Museum Dial watch and are we loving what we see or what! The designer has retained its iconic features while rendering new twists to it. Those fond of watches would know the original timepiece is distinguished by the bold, shiny, dot replacing numerical 12. In Behar’s version the similarity is intact to make an obvious connection between the two; only in Edge’s case the dot acts as a sculptural element that rises out of the watch’s bowl-shaped aluminium face.

The designer says,” As the user’s wrist moves, the design changes constantly, symbolically speaking of time as the indicator of change in our lives.” Yves Behar’s Edge watch is available as a chronograph or standard model, in black, silver and rose gold finishes, with stainless steel links, black leather or rubber straps. The design dispenses with the Movado logo on the face of the watch.
Edge Watch 4

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Edge Watch 2

Edge Watch 1

[ Via : Dezeen ]