Murakami’s emoji sculptures are

Murakami’s emoji sculptures are

Understanding artists can be quite a task for some lay men who aren’t very well versed with the artsy world. For instance artist Murakami’s work, anyone can understand why he is trying to create but the title??!! It’s basically use of 9 different emojis as that’s what his line is all about. Murakami’s work is inspired by the ancient yet versatile 8-bit technology, creating as many as 14 works in flat, sculptural and LED form. The gallery is colourfully inundated with flowers, hearts, rainbows, sparkles and a galloping horse. His idea of creating sculptures of emoji as pixels and, in turn, pixels as building blocks, is truly looking fantastic and impactful.
As for the sculptures, these are masterfully sculpted out of wood, creating perfect replicas of the ideograms we now so casually send. Murakami’s solo show is opening tonight and is on display through February 21, 2016. If you want to find your favourite emoji sculpture you know exactly where to head.




[ Via : Spoon-Tamago ]