GB Pockit Stroller is World’s Smallest Folding Stroller

GB Pockit Stroller is World’s Smallest Folding Stroller

Strollers are a lot more important than they would seem. They are omnipresent in a parents life which in a way depends more on the stroller than the partner. Trips to mall, travelling in cars, or even vacations are made easy with stroller; wait a minute are vacations made easy with strutting and carrying around the heavy strollers everywhere? Not exactly, I remember how i loved using a stroller on my vacation to Disneyland, but I also remember how much i hated carrying it around when I wasn’t using it, folding it up and putting it in boots made things worse, including my mood. I wish I had the awesome GB Pockit Stroller then; it prides on being the worlds’ smallest folding stroller. GB Pockit measures 12″x14″x7″ folded and weighs only 9 pounds, simply put, the stroller become compact enough to fit in your purse. The stroller can be folded in two ways — the ultra-compact version, and another super-compact way meant for every day use.

The GB Pockit will come in six colors and feature a height-adjustable 5-point harness, a removable seat (to make washing the fabric easier), a sunshade, and a storage basket that can hold up to 11 pounds. It will be available in Spring 2016 with an anticipated retail value of $229.
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[ Via : Mashable ]