Geobed for Cats is Their Newest Abode

Geobed for Cats is Their Newest Abode

Cats are way too pampered. Yes I loathe them but this remains am proven fact the four legged furry pets are way more spoilt than dogs. The Geobed is yet another example that cats like being worshipped and cat lovers love worshipping their pets. The pampering, swooning over them, buying things for them never ends. So here goes, another cat cathedral coming your way. The Geobed is an icosahedral kitty temple. Made out of triangular wooden pieces and fixtures, this easy to assemble cat-bed is the perfect space for your feline! It’s cozy and covered; and is really easy to put together.

It goes without saying that something like this can only be the crop of a cat lovers thinking. It’s done by designer Ilshat Garipov also known as Catissa! Need I say more? Enjoy the pictures. And icosahedral means a polyhedron with 20 faces.



[ Via : Yankodesign ]