Gwen Stefani all set to launch uber-chic range of sunglasses and optics

Gwen Stefani all set to launch uber-chic range of sunglasses and optics

Is there anything Gwen Stefani’s not good at? Her pop star days are so far back that I struggle to even remember them. In the meanwhile, she has slowly but steadily expanded her fashion empire into not one or two, but multiple labels. And let’s not forget her annual sojourns inspiring raw talent on The Voice. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and she’d don’t it all, she pulls the rug from under our legs and surprises us. The singer-turned-fashion icon has announced the launch r own line of gorgeous eyeglasses. The uber-stylish frames will be inspired by Stefani’s vintage-meets-modern aesthetic. The collection will include 12 styles each of sunglasses and optics for both of her brands – luxury brand L.A.M.B. and her lower-priced line, GX.

The sunglasses collection is the perfect choice for the self-proclaimed glares fanatic; she apparently owns over five drawers full of all sorts of shades. The next time you walk into L.A.M.B of GX, you can walk out with a perfect in-sync head-to-toe outfit that Stefani herself will be proud to be seen in around L.A.

Stefani comments, “We went through and did the edit of the first collection and it was really hard because there were so many good [styles]. I literally had a sore face from trying so many glasses on.” That’s right, the sacrifices our brave leaders make is what enables us to live the kind of carefree fashion-forward lives we have always aspired to.

The Gwen Stefani sunglasses are scheduled to hit the shelves sometime next year. The prices range from $150 to $250 for L.A.M.B. and $50 to $175 for GX.

[Via – Racked]