Jyo John Mulloor’s glasses collection puts animal eyes on humans

Jyo John Mulloor’s glasses collection puts animal eyes on humans

Jyo John Mulloor we salute your out-of-the-box thinking. Just like his previous work on helmets that appeared to leave the human head exposed to outdoor elements he has now created a line of eyewear in both animal and human editions. It’s absolutely crazy, borderline outlandish to be honest, but it does look good. As a matter of fact it looks amazing, combining the facial features of human with animals and reptiles even. What’s even more amazing is the result of putting human eyes on the opposite gender, that’s a surprisingly impactful visual. I don’t know if the line looks as good cause it’s worn by pretty face, may not look as great on someone like Cruella De Vil. The oversized, rounded glasses placed on the model’s face are each overlaid with images of varying eyes.
The facial features sourced from a diverse set of species from owls to alligators are superimposed onto the frames, forming a sharp juxtaposition between the female figure and the non-human face she wears. The collection displays a variety of animal eyes to choose from edit from lizards, to alligators, crocs, snow leopard, white bird, male eyes and some personalised options as well. Jyo John Mulloor is a Dubai-based artist.









[ Via : Designboom ]