Make homes futuristically beautiful with Nanoleaf Aurora lights

Make homes futuristically beautiful with Nanoleaf Aurora lights

It doesn’t take too much to make a home or office look lovely. Especially if you’re keyed in with how much awesome is happening in the world of technology. Take the Nanoleaf Aurora for instance, if there’s anything that can personify mood lighting it’s this beauty. Gorgeous would be an understatement and how! Nanoleaf Aurora, is a modular wall fixture LED lighting system designed to be arranged into countless geometric configurations without the requirement of a fixture. Like every other cool things that you come across on the internet these days, this one too was unveiled at CES 2016, a place where everythings just way too cool.

I love the fact that Nanoleaf Aurora transforms your walls into a canvas where you can simply let creativity flow instead of screwing lightbulbs. It allows you to configure lighting directly onto walls like puzzle pieces. Nanoleaf’s modular system is also HomeKit-enabled, meaning users will have the ability to command Siri to dim, turn off, or change the lights all by voice. Nanoleaf hasn’t yet released pricing details, expect to see the Aurora available sometime in 2016.



[ Via : Design-Milk ]