Nendo’s cubic pets goods line is like Tetris for cats and dogs

Nendo’s cubic pets goods line is like Tetris for cats and dogs

I love everything that comes out of the Nendo stable. Right from their super pretty sunset candles to their impressive range of bowls and plates, it’s all lovely and desirable. This is almost a first time when they are doing something different, a product that’s intended for our pet dogs. Japanese design house Nendo, has just announced a collection of pet accessories designed for small apartments called Cubic Pet Goods. Yes like all their previous works this one too doesn’t fail to impress; keeping. Mind the shapes of our homes and walls they have designed a dog or cat house that’s square instead of the usual round cat beds that waste corner spaces. This house is more like Tetris for your pets wherein you can put it all together to form a house or break it down to form a flat bed.
What more? It can be turned into a square-shaped food bowl with contour lines inside that make it easy to check how much food or water your dog is consuming. Unfortunately the Cubic Pet Goods line is only available in Japan. Let’s hope it goes global soon.




[ Via : Fastcodesign ]