Interesting: Photographer Mihaela Noroc’s North Korean Fashion Photography

Interesting: Photographer Mihaela Noroc’s North Korean Fashion Photography

I really doubt my chances of ever going to North Korea, The Atlas Of Beauty”, by Romanian Photographer Mihaela Noroc gives you a valuable chance of peeping into a world that’s so guarded and everyday elements unseen, that it instantly stirs up curiosity. Women all over the world love dressing up, the English have their subtle, understated style, the Indians are vibrant and extravagant, while Americans are cool and casual but what about the North Korean beauties? Thanks to Noroc, we are getting a dekko into their everyday wardrobes. Her series capture women from different walks of life like waitresses to students to factory workers, providing a unique look at some of the 24.9 million people who live in the country. You will notice how they are oblivious to global trends, yet are trendy! They love their high heels like us all and have some typical dressing styles; you will find then wearing classic outfits almost always with a pin on the chest, representing one of the country’s leaders.
Mihaela Noroc 2
During celebrations and other special occasions, they do make special efforts to dress up by wearing traditional colorful outfits. You will also find them sporting pretty colourful umbrellas in the sun. Lovely isn’t it?

Mihaela Noroc 1

Mihaela Noroc 4

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