Postmodern loneliness Series show its so good to be single

Postmodern loneliness Series show its so good to be single

Disclaimer: this is not an attempt to make couples feel bad about their attachments, especially around Valentine’s Day, a time, rumoured to have maximum number of breakups. The single life is what the ladies are seen enjoying in these illustrations. Single life, a life of freedom, space and many such wonderful, relaxing things is portrayed aptly in Mexico-based artist Idalia Candelas work which clearly shows women who are content to be alone. If you thought kissing a man is the best feeling in the world you’re wrong; try taking off your bra at the end of a long, tiring day and decide. Imagine having that freedom every day, all day. That’s what makes this series impactful; women who have a life this free will enjoy it and women who are in a relationship will remember the good ol days!
Using pencil, ink, and watercolor, “Postmodern Loneliness” is a series that celebrates being single. Candelas says she was inspired by her time living alone in Mexico. So love this series of drawings that show solitude isn’t suffering. Kudos.





[ Via : Boredpanda ]