World’s First Portable Smart Scale, Slate, Out now for $45

World’s First Portable Smart Scale, Slate, Out now for $45

Slate is the worlds first portable smart scale for nutrition, which is good news for fitness freaks and a good way for obese and not-so-healthy people to get started with oodles of help from Slate scale. Slate is a cool device that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Slate is like a personal dietician and uses a mobile app to provide highly personalised nutritional information ranging from calorie intake, food weight, to macronutrients such as fats, protein and carbs. With Slate it is possible to track your daily food intake and achieve your goals in a faster way. This is a good and easy way to keep a tab on what goes into your mouth by the information thats easily synced on your smartphone.
Yes, Scale will automatically sync to your phone; just place your food items on the scale and get the nutritional information directly on the mobile app thereafter. Getting your fitness right is only going to cos you $45, a lot more cheaper than following an expensive dietician on a daily basis. Just eat right and healthy with Slate Scale and stay fit forever.




[ Via : Thegadgetflow ]