Jog your way to hands-free parenting with Smartbe stroller

Jog your way to hands-free parenting  with Smartbe stroller

As a parent when I learnt about the stroller that opens and closes automatically with a simple press of a button I was impressed. Little did I know, this would be scoffed at by a much better self-pushing pram concept. I’m not a jogger parent but I can get my hands full rather easily at malls or gardens with lots of food in my hand to handle and a baby girl who is well always in full gusto! Smartbe stroller wirelessly tethers itself to an adult and relies on the person accompanying it to work and navigate. Walking or jogging this stroller will gently speed in front of you and stop when you do. The stroller is battery-powered, with juice that could last up to six hours. It pairs with your smartphone and there’s even a distance alarm, just in case you almost forget about your baby outdoors.

Im not so sure about how this will work when your stroller in a crowded park or hustling in a crowded mall. The sensors can get confused and Google too hasn’t figured out a way yet. Nonetheless, The Smartbe is now available for preorder on Indiegogo. Price for the self-propelling wheels plus bassinet is a premium $3,199. The one with the seat is at $3,099.

[ Via : Psfk ]