You will love the stikbox case for its built-in selfie stick

You will love the stikbox case for its built-in selfie stick

What’s so wonderful about stikbox protective iPhone case? It gives you the benefit of having a super protective phone case and a very handy selfie stick all in one. You don’t have to carry extra gadgets and you can have moments captured without asking people for favours. It’s possible to do without a selfie stick I know but the closer your phone is, the bulkier you look. Selfie sticks help you take pictures in the best angle and when you can have the benefit of having one at your disposal then what’s the wait for?

This 28-inch stick can simply be pulled out and easily slipped back into the smartphone case, yes it’s that easy. It’s aluminium build makes it both tough and durable while still remaining lightweight and compact like an average phone case. The company launched a kickstarter campaign to help with manufacturing needs and plan to ship in may 2016.




[ Via : Designboom ]