Bring Home Teforia Brewing Machine For the Perfect Cup of Tea

Bring Home Teforia Brewing Machine For the Perfect Cup of Tea

Don’t you think the world has invested too much time in coffee? What about the poor cup of tea? It has been ignored for way too long, some believe not much has happened with tea in the last 5000 years and hence its long due that someone did something to brew a perfect cup of tea. Technology designers responsive for XBox 360 and Kindle Fire have taken upon themselves to tackle the perfect cup of tea with technology, and we have Teforia! This smart brewing device, includes customizable flavor profiles, caffeine dosage and antioxidant levels. In layman language, this machine determines what’s the best brewing method for the variety used thanks to its Selective Infusion Process technology and environmentally-conscious smart packaging.

Many tea drinkers are set in their ways and taste and wouldn’t like to change for the machine, if so then Teforia can also learn from, and adapt to, each tea drinker’s preferences while allowing full customisation. It’s so cool as this also offers personal recipe creation with custom caffeine levels, antioxidant levels, flavor and aroma notes. It also offers caffeine management, antioxidant amplification and more. Interested? Teforia is now accepting orders for a limited release of 500 devices. For those who are quick to purchase this will get the benefit of early bird prices of $649 and will also receive a gift box with 30 servings of exclusive loose-leaf tea from Teforia’s private collection.
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