Choose your hue with app-controlled Yeelight lamp

Choose your hue with app-controlled Yeelight lamp

Xiaomi yeelight bedside lamp is such a soothing and subtle addition to ones home, you can’t not bring it to your humble abode. There are so many things this can be used for starting with making your rooms look comforting and inviting. It can also make for a good reading light for those late night readings where you just want to put yourself to sleep by reading in a soft light. I may not be wrong in saying this is like your little snooze spa right at your side table in the comfort of your home. The yeelight is one power packed light with options that can’t even be listed in this space. The bedside lamp offers up to 16 million different colors using LEDs that can be adjusted through a bluetooth enabled smartphone and companion app.

Yeelight lamp has three preset modes – white, flow and night mode. The ‘white’ setting shines canary yellow for a comfortable and warm relax atmosphere. ‘Flow’ emits four colors in random order and ‘night’ mode allows users to set a time, where the it turns on with soft light automatically. The option to have any coloured light as your heart desires , makes it a perfect match for any room. Yeelight lamp is the brainchild of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi.




[ Via : Designboom ]